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2017 Fishing Schedules – Harvest Plans

2017 Hidden Falls schedule (Harvest Plan, Assessment area map, Assessment Tax information) NO ASSESSMENT TAX for 2017.

2017 Deep Inlet cost recovery & broodstock harvest plan

2017 Deep Inlet schedule – Calendar and additional information

2017 Deep Inlet schedule  – Single page – calendar only – for printing

2017 ADF&G News Release – Deep Inlet – Official Schedule –

2017 Forecast

MAPS – NSRAA’s maps page

Inseason Fishery Updates (overview & links to ADF&G and other resources)

2017 NSRAA Chinook Returns

2017 Spring Troll Fishery

2017 AK Hatchery Contributions – Spring Fisheries)

2017 Hidden Falls Chum
2017 Deep Inlet Chum
2017 NSRAA Coho Returns


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In-season fishery observations, commentary and more….

Current Events:

  • 2017 Forecast
  • 2017 Fishing Schedules & Harvest Plans

About Us

Hard work. Dedication. Innovation

We’ve been very fortunate over the years to have some very special people at NSRAA, both on our staff and our Board of Directors. Folks with a passion for their work, who aren’t satisfied with ‘status quo’ and have to always be testing new territory.