Chinook wt sampling

Current Position Openings:

Job #:                         1508

Title:                          Maintenance Engineer

Location:                 Hidden Falls Hatchery (near Sitka, Baranof Island, Alaska)

Salary:                      $38,000 to $45,000 per year DOE, plus housing and benefits

Closing Date:         December 1, 2015

Starting Date:        December 15, 2015

Job #:                         1509

Title:                         Hatchery Technicians

Location:                 Southeast Alaska (Variety of Locations)

Starting Wage:       $14.00, plus housing

Closing Date:         December 21, 2015

Dates:                       January 12 through October 30, 2016

Duties: Assist full-time staff with routine hatchery duties, including the incubation, ponding and rearing of fry and smolt, broodstock collection, egg-takes, and general site/facility maintenance. Willingness to work/live at hatchery satellite (offsite) rearing projects will also be required. Successful candidates will provide for transportation to and from Sitka, Alaska, at the beginning and end of the hiring period. Communal housing in a “bunkhouse” setting at either of the hatcheries or main office in Sitka will be provided, as well as transportation between Sitka and the working facility, if necessary. The potential exists for an extension of employment elsewhere within NSRAA after October 30th.

Qualifications: Education and/or experience in fisheries biology, aquaculture, wildlife management, or animal husbandry is preferred, a positive attitude and flexibility in the face of potentially adverse living/working conditions is required. Additionally, sound physical fitness is necessary due to the physical nature of hatchery work (i.e., ability to carry 50 pounds for distances up to 100 yards). Candidates must be able to live at a remote facility with modern conveniences and interact positively with co-workers. Successful candidates will not be permitted to bring pets.

Additional Information: Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (NSRAA), a private non-profit regional aquaculture association, runs 3 hatcheries on Baranof Island. Medvejie and Sawmill Creek Hatchery, both located in Sitka, and Hidden Falls Hatchery, located in a remote setting approximately 20 air miles from Sitka on the eastern side of the island. Positions are available at both Medvejie and Hidden Falls, as well as the remote rearing sites supported by both facilities. Raising 3 of the 5 Pacific Salmon species (Chum, Chinook, and Coho), NSRAA provides increased fishing opportunities for the common property commercial salmon fisheries of Northern Southeast Alaska.

Interested individuals must send the following information by, e-mail, postal mail or fax: (1) a detailed resume describing pertinent work experience and/or education; (2) the names and contact information (e-mail is ideal) for three references familiar with the applicant’s work experience/performance (3) applicants must also complete an official NSRAA application for employment. NSRAA’s official application may be found at NSRAA’s Web-site: http://www.nsraa.org/. All inquiries and materials should be directed to Scott Wagner via one of the following means of contact:

Scott Wagner
1308 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, AK 99835
Telephone: (907) 747-6850
FAX: (907) 747-1470

Application materials must be received by December 21, 2015 in order to be granted consideration



NSRAA Application Form

Thanks for your interest in working at NSRAA! Please download and print this application, then fax, scan and e-mail, mail or deliver to NSRAA.