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Board of Director Nominations

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Board of Director Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda

For more details, please visit our Board of Directors Info page.

2017 Fishing Schedules – Harvest Plans

2017 Hidden Falls schedule (Harvest Plan, Assessment area map, Assessment Tax information) NO ASSESSMENT TAX for 2017.

2017 Deep Inlet cost recovery & broodstock harvest plan

2017 Deep Inlet schedule – Calendar and additional information

2017 Deep Inlet schedule  – Single page – calendar only – for printing

2017 ADF&G News Release – Deep Inlet – Official Schedule –

2017 Forecast

MAPS – NSRAA’s maps page

Inseason Fishery Updates (overview & links to ADF&G and other resources)

2017 NSRAA Chinook Returns

2017 Spring Troll Fishery

2017 AK Hatchery Contributions – Spring Fisheries)

2017 Hidden Falls Chum
2017 Deep Inlet Chum
2017 NSRAA Coho Returns

Seine set

So what’s the FrontPage?

A lot of things, potentially.
Partly a site for current information, partly a  help desk, partly unknown
Check back and see how things evolve.


Web site navigation

This website is created using WordPress, which began as a blogging software, but has evolved into a content management system (CMS).

What this means is that content is indexed and stored in such a way that it’s easy to access using several techniques.

  • Menu – horizontal menu at the top of each page
  • Posts – Blog posts. These are generally news items but may contain other information. Access from the top menu (BLOG) or on the right sidebar of many pages. Note that you can subscribe to posts using RSS feeds. More information on that method can be found below.
  • Categories – groupings of information. Such as fisheries, hatchery, in-season, etc. When you choose a category from the right sidebar found on many pages you’ll have access to all posts in that category.
  • Tags – these similar to categories, but perhaps with more detail. The Tag Cloud on the right sidebar shows tags and popularity. Like categories, clicking on a tag filters for all content with that tag.
  • Search – a very good search feature. Try Deep Inlet, data, forecast, etc.
  • Sitemap – a listing of all pages, categories and tags.


RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s an easy way for you to keep up with news and information from NSRAA, without having to navigate to our website. Content is delivered to your RSS reader, which might be included in your email program (such as Outlook), or can be configured in your browser.

Sound complicated? I thought so too. But I clicked on the “Entries RSS” under “Meta” on the right sidebar and subscribed to “Live Bookmarks” which put a RSS link on my browser’s bookmarks toolbar. This link shows all posts for the website and is continually updated as new posts are added. So I can preview posts from my browser without going to the website. If I’m interested, I click on it and am taken to the website.

The whole process took me about a minute.


A word about Photos/Graphics


There are some interesting built-in functions in many of the graphics on this site. When you hover over some pictures, a magnifying glass or a “link” graphic, or both (as shown above) are displayed

click on the:

  • Magnifying glass – to launch a photo gallery, usually with several photos
  • Link graphic – to open the link, which may be a post, or some other custom link