Crawfish Inlet Chum Cost Recovery 31 August

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Crawfish Inlet Chum Cost Recovery 31 August

Crawfish Inlet is in its maiden year for adult returns. Normally we would not expect many 3 year olds but this year is one for the books. We have accounted for over 40,000 fish, most of which has been harvested for cost recovery. A harvest boat will continue to harvest through Saturday. Depending on fish abundance and behavior we may suspend cost recovery for a few days to allow troll opportunity next week.



  1. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself too bad from patting yourself on the back for the late deep inlet return but you should fire yourself for the petty returns in the other release sites over the years

    • I sent you a response via email, but forgot to mention I did cc all the NSRAA seine representatives.

  2. Glad to hear of the big 3 year old return. Bodes well for the future years. Congratulations NSRAA.

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